Tom Wilhelmsen needs to get back on track

In baseball, closers may have the shortest leashes of all players. When they succeed they are one of the games biggest hero’s, and when they fail, the loss is all on them. A closer can usually average about 5-7 blown saves a year without having to worry about their job security. Tom Wilhelmsen has already blown three all in one month. If he wants to keeps his job he needs to find his stuff again. In his last four save opportunities, the bartender has blown three of them. One of them, in Cleveland he would have gotten the save, if he had not committed an error covering first base. His other two blown saves, against the Padres and the Twins, he just could not find the strike zone. Against the Twins he walked the bases loaded. In his only converted save in those four games, he had a comfortable three run lead and he still looked off.

Big Tom has great pitches. A fastball in the upper 90’s and a devastating 12-6 curve. But he needs to be able to target the strike zone again.

He has proven that he can close games. He had an 100% first batter efficiency up until his blown save against the Twins. Right hander’s can barely hit him. But he needs to to start converting his saves again. He is on the hot seat.


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