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imagesCARFPLTGBy Paul Mahaney

Thus begins one father’s desperate plea for respect (and money), which shall become apparent why, by the end of this article. Let me start by giving a shout out to all my homies at Baseball Revival who I point out by name, and pay tribute to, as they should share in our (hopefully) new found fame.

Baseball writers are an eclectic lot, but then naturally they have always had a plethora of material to choose from. The rich array of topics upon which to offer their commentary, would make writers block a thing of the past for a baseball journalist, say the likes of Mr. Peter Gammons. My envy knows no bounds.images

Reporters in the early years scribbled notes on paper, and then punched keys on a typewriter, and the fans eagerly read every detail they wrote (hardly a concern of mine of late), because the writers who covered the games were the expert few.

As the years went by many journalist developed a following through newspaper and magazines until they themselves became synonymous with the game. Now today the public is able to follow the scribes every word by way of social media. Ha, those carefully molded reputations now famously shouted out through the blogosphere, lucky stiffs, wish I had an agent.

Oh I am not jealous because they pretend to know something (that’s because I do), maybe they do, or that they appear to be an authority on practically everything (the conceit), because sometimes they are. Or even because they have a way with words and their grammar, punctuation, and flair for the English language would make even their teacher’s blush with pride, while mine turn scarlet out of embarrassment, I am really sorry Mrs. Tadesco.

No, I’m jealous because of all of that! Well that and the fact that most baseball fans follow their every word because they are instantly recognizable names in the sport (oh if only writers took steroids), but I digress.

My beef is that we the forgotten few here at Baseball Revival (we can be found at, shameless plug) would like it to be known that we too have a point of view about the game. Now perhaps it is not always as insightful as that of your own, although more often than not we think it is, it still does offer another slant on the view of the diamond.

You see, I happen to think that should the public turn away (a blind eye) from your point of view for a millisecond (how about a lifetime) they would find that Baseball Revival (again that’s at, you can Google us on the net) has the best commentaries on the game of baseball, in this price range (that being free), basically we do it for nothing.

imagesCAY9YXNTWell that may not be entirely true (after applying at numerous rags as a sportswriter, I was told to leave the planet, and would yesterday be too soon?), Revival has given us all a collective voice (in other words no salary, although I’m sure our boss, Brennan Weiss, will cave into our demands any day now) to share our delightful point of view about the game we love.

And speaking of the game we love (thank you Bob Costas, but I think I can take it from here) just read some of the insightful narratives from this week by my fellow colleagues (Ad Sense would be nice) here at Baseball Revival (again that’s at Pressed? Okay just asking), riveting stuff.
For example we have lady writers here now (never hurts to play the gender card) who are in every way as good (just not getting commissions for ads on their sight, YET!) as other women writers of the press who pontificate on the game.

Take the lovely and intelligent Melissa Weinstein, who in the last couple of weeks carefully took us through the baseball handbook (every umpire should get familiar with one don’t you think, IMMEDIATELY, I might add) on the rules concerning what constitutes a pitch, and when a manager officially leaves the mound.

Also Melissa managed to avoid getting fired from her new job (which by the way has nothing to do with baseball at all) while reporting on her beloved Mets (albeit a lousy excuse for a baseball team, at least they are not the Marlins Mel), high drama indeed, you’d never find that over at ESPN or I mean what a dedicated writer to boot. Sorry that didn’t sound right, bad choice of words there Mel.

Then there is the equally lovely and intelligent Lisa R. Neilson, who discusses how her Mets (okay so there is a trend here to cover the Big Apple, but anyway New York is where you’ll find Commissioner Bud Selig, never mind better we lose him) historically swept the Yankees, a story we all can get behind, unless you are, from the Bronx.

No wait, wait, we have guy writers too, it’s just you can’t tell it, because we have no face yet. We have Mike Jokinen talking about Yankee reliever (okay the New York connection comes up yet again) Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour. But Rivera is such a likable guy, and so is Mike, that we just had too…get Yankee fans reading us again like never before, isn’t it the truth.imagesCADAV1YQ

m5h3fp-b78967212z_120120611144446000gt318at6k_1You want West Coast; well you came to the right place. We have the ever colorful Joe Reghitto talking about the sorry state of affairs concerning the two Los Angeles teams, one of which happens to be an imposter (Anaheim), who is actually south of Los Angeles. But that’s okay though, because saying the Angels don’t know much about geography is like saying they don’t know much about baseball. That was a stunning revelation.

The up and coming ever youthful Victor Moore keeps us aware of happenings up in Seattle with the Mariners, because no one else will, but don’t hold that against him, we suspect Microsoft won’t. Back East we have Ken Perry who worships the game, and is not above telling us about the Rays, or any other team for that matter, because Ken loves baseball, and don’t forget it as he won’t let you.

Nate Weitzer is a good sport who writes chronically about the Red Sox and Yankee rivalry, but allows time for the Cardinals so that he has all his bases covered.

Geary Kaczorowski is a Tiger fan, but will tell you about the Red Sox if only you would read his articles (Baseball Revival,, repeat five more times so as not to forget) every Tuesday. Mike Vooss reminds us that the Mets are a baseball team when he is not out at Citi Field with the other two Mets fans, Melissa and Lisa, where there is no shortage of seats.

Dave Ervin writes about the Rangers in Texas, and we didn’t have to tell him to do it either because he really likes doing it, and I highly recommend his articles as they are a favorite of mine (this is not a paid endorsement in any way though, but I think it’s just a matter of time, don’t you) every Saturday.

Lastly you can join me (Paul Mahaney, that is with an ‘A’ not an ‘O’, although PG&E never gets it right, but they still want me to pay them for gas and lights, go figure) and Robert Podwalny as we both drone on about the Giants. That is of course provided I get my head out of the toilet (another disgraceful reference to read my article from last Sunday) after witnessing another debacle by the umpires last week.

Oh my god (resorting to every hack in Hollywood’s favorite phrase for television and movie characters in crisis these days), is it that late? Well I’ve just gone on for what seems like forever about all the wonderful people (right here at all you people at Ad Sense, and numerous other advertisers, you know who you are) who write at Baseball Revival in almost complete anonymity.imagesCA1J45XOimagesCAVHR5ZF

However it’s not too late, all is not lost, there’s still time, five months in fact to recover all that lost revenue from advertising on those… OTHER SITES, instead of here at (Now Google, Baseball Revival to see what all the fuss is about) Baseball Revival.

Okay am off to my youngest daughter’s wedding, which will give me a week to count all the advertisers who saw the light and want to advertise (in particularly on my blog) on Baseball Revival. And not a moment too soon either, do you know weddings are expensive, if only my wife had told me? I told you all would be revealed.


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  1. lol and congrats..

  2. Absolutely loved this… I think this deserves some special recognition!

  3. Thanks Brennan I think we have a great group of people here too. Does this mean we reached an agreement in the contract talks? $$$$ No seriously thanks for the praise very humbly appreciated. In the meantime I will endeavor to bring attention to Baseball Revival during my reign of subliminal terror here.

  4. Very funny lol Thanks for the enjoyable read Paul

  5. Nice try there Paul…haha. Honestly I wish there could be some compensation involved, but it just won’t work. I think it shows more about who we are that we do all this for free, which is far more important than money. Anyway, you’re welcome for the praise.

  6. Nah who needs money anyway, besides the real money is being made in China to whom the U.S. owes most of our $16 Trillion in debt, that and us the U.S. tax payer, because of our Social Security Trust Fund which invest in U.S. Treasuries. Since its unlikely the U.S. Government will default on our debt, I could retire to China and get rich, because China will get paid back, while I still write for Baseball Revival. Who needs Ben Bernanke!

  7. Great post, Paul. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the props!

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