Can you say, “Sweep?!”


By Lisa R. Neilson

I’ve been a Mets fan all of my life but I’ve never been one of those Yankee haters. That being said, I can’t help but boast about the Mets’ sweep of the Bronx Bombers this week. True, it was only a four-game affair this year and the Yankees’ roster is not the powerhouse of players that we’ve come to know and fear. But this Mets team is one of the most ill-equipped in franchise history, and somehow they managed to pull off a historical feat by beating their crosstown rivals. That’s a clear cause for celebration!

Subway Series1

Wondering how it happened? Here’s how:

Mets’ pitching showed up! Young ace Matt Harvey continued to perform well and the rest of the rotation was pretty darn good, too. This meant that manager Terry Collins didn’t have to rely heavily on his lackluster bullpen, which was a relief for those of us watching. How many times already this season has the Mets’ bullpen been anything but disappointing?! A competent starting rotation helped keep the boys from Flushing in these games. Dillon Gee even struck out a career high 12 batters Thursday night, and no walks were issued in the final three games of the series.

Yanks’ hitting didn’t show up! The tables were turned a bit as the Yankees’ bats were unusually quiet in this series, failing to reach base in their final 20 plate appearances. What an unexpected switch from the rallies of the big producers in pinstripes. Their offense just couldn’t get anything going, something we Mets fans can sympathize with all too much.

Mets’ bats woke up! Daniel Murphy continued to produce, journeyman Marlon Byrd got some yard in the last two games and even the struggling Ike Davis tapped out two singles Wednesday night. For a team who hasn’t been able to score runs this season, the Mets scored enough in this series to emerge as victors.


What does it all mean? In the bigger picture, not much. The Mets are still in fourth place as they begin the weekend series with the Marlins; the Yanks will host the Red Sox who are just two games ahead of them in the AL East. The injured star players on the Yankees are expected to return soon which will bring the pop back to their lineup and most likely lots of wins, too.

In the smaller picture, Mets fans can strut out of this Subway Series with some satisfaction. The team desperately needed some wins, and somehow it found four right across town.

That’s something Mets fans can brag about – at least for today!


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