(When Will We) Meet the Mets?

It’s no secret that Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada have been struggling this season. (Of course as I typed that sentence Ruben hit a leadoff single in the 1st against the Yankees. And as I typed that sentence he scored on Murphy’s double.)

Davis struggled during the first half of last season, but was never sent down despite much internal talk and outside speculation. According to a number of Mets personnel, Collins has tiptoed around the issue, but in so many words has said that both Davis and Tejada could be sent to Triple-A Las Vegas before the end of the Subway Series.subwayseries[1]

That’s all good and well – they need work. But who do they plan to put in their places? Justin Turner can play both first and shortstop, and Lucas Duda can take first. But if that’s the new infield, Lagares or Baxter have to become an outfield staple.*

This still leaves a problem and SOMEONE needs to be called up to round out out the talent (or hope for talent). [And of course Ike just hit a 2RBI single.] Anyway, let’s just SAY at some point this season Ike and Ruben are sent down and the Mets need to fill two infield roster spots. Who do they go to?

Omar Quintanilla – I didn’t even realize he was a Met. The Number of times he’s been traded to and from the Mets and Orioles…I’ve lost count. He has a lot of skill and the major league experience. He’s without a doubt the SS replacement and a great addition to the lineup, with a sold .328 in Vegas.

I don’t think any of the AAA 1st basemen are ready, so I’d put Turner there and bring in Brian Bixler for the bench. He’s a 2B and could give Murphy breaks when needed. He has a .234 average which, while not nearly as impressive as Quintanilla, it’s been steady there for awhile.

Zach Lutz – He’s fantastic and deserves a major league roster spot. But he’s a 3B and with Captain American locking that down, it david-wright-captain-america[1]doesn’t leave a lot of room for Lutz on the Mets. At least not right now. If he can find some versatility, like Turner, maybe he can make the majors before September callups.

This post is losing more and more relevancy as I type. The Mets just won. Against the Yankees. Clearly the key to winning is to bash the team. Tejada has left with an injury and still no word on the seriousness of it. If it’s enough to place him on the DL, Quinantilla will come in. I’m sure of it.

*As I typed that paragraph my boss (at my new job) SAW ME WATCHING THE GAME AT MY DESK. I was fully prepared to be fired on the spot. He instead decided to watch the game with me and tell me how baseball is his favorite American sport.


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