Wait, You’re Blaming Me?


If I give you a pile of poop yesterday, do I have the right to be mad its not brownies today? If I was a dick, I would say yes.

            Here’s the si-chee-ation, the Angels and Dodgers are full of “poop” contracts. The GMs have loaded these teams with good pitching and overplayed, over the hill, “superstars.” Now, people are asking for the heads of the coaches, Scioscia and Mattingly.

            Now, just to be clear, Scioscia hasn’t done anything of significance since 2002. I think he should have been out a while ago, but to let him go now because old ass Pujols and crazy ass Hamilton aren’t owning up to their contracts is hardly a reason to ditch him now.

            The whole Dodgers situation is way worse. They took all the poop from Boston, put it on their team, and expected a different result. (I know this isn’t politically correct, but it fits so perfectly here) Are they retarded? Poor Mattingly. If they let him go, I guarantee he will land somewhere else and be successful. Hopefully he will go to a place where he is not surrounded by horrible contracts and can coach a normal team in a normal city.

            Let’s talk about ridiculous contracts for a second here. How would you feel if you went to work every day and sat next to someone who makes a sh*tload more money than you and does not produce? What if there were 3 or 4 of them on your team? How do you think the dynamics would be in your office? You could try to ignore it, “keep your side of the street clean,” be grateful for what you have (which you should always do anyways), but it would eat at you, especially if you sucked. That’s these two teams in a nutshell.       

            I think these coaches are victims of over zealous owners and the GMs that cater to them. Both of these managers will have head coaching jobs before their desks are cleaned out, and they deserve to.  I will just be up here in the Bay Area, basking in the glow of the Dodgers in the basement of the NL West. I love them there. #JoeyWestCoast 


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