Martin Scorcese Should Do A Movie About A Baseball Manager Who Inspires His Players To Win By Staying Young At Heart…The Joe Maddon Story

Joe Maddon is special. He works as the Tampa Bay Rays Manager. A team that has little fan support. There are some loyal fans and baseball enthusiasts, but mostly The Tampa Bay Rays only sell seats when the Yankees or the Red Sox come to town. No fans means they aren’t generating enough income to purchase the multi-million dollar super-stars. Joe Maddon doesn’t care.

Joe Maddon enjoys bringing in the the no-name nobodies, Matt who? David what?, and preparing them for Major league glory. He gleans the minors for the young guns. The ones who are looking to break in and become the next big phenom, the champion, the Golden Glove. He gets them used to the feeling of winning, of expecting to win, and what winning really means.

Joe Maddon stays relaxed, he’s cool, he rocks out, and he plays the game of baseball.

The Tampa Bay Rays Are standing at 23 & 20. Working with one of the lowest salary supported rosters in baseball, Maddon surveys his players and changes his lineup everyday. Working closely with his bench coach Dave Martinez, they study the charts and develop each game day to day.


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