The Seattle Mariner’s love to screw with their fans hope.

I just finished watching the Mariners get swept in Cleveland. Three of those four losses were lost to walk off hits. Two of them were walk off home runs. One of them came, after the M’s had tied it up in the top of the ninth and another one came after the M’s had gotten the lead in the top of the ninth and the tenth.

The Seattle Mariners love playing with their fans sense of hope, and this series with the Indians is proof. They had just won a series in New York against the Yankees and they were only one game under .500 and they had just taken control of second place in the AL West.

The M’s did not need to beat the tribe for fans to be happy. Just winning one game would have been nice. It’s time for us Seattle Mariners fans to look at the truth. This team will be lucky to be .500 on the year, and playoffs are completely out of the question. I wish that was not true, and i would love for the Mariners to prove me wrong, but i like the rest of Seattle have been let down to many times.

I know eventually one season, our hope will be fulfilled, but it’s time to face the facts. This is not that season.


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