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By Paul Mahaney

It’s a real word Dave; really I promise I looked it up. Oh sure I could have used words like perplexed, baffled, bewitched, bothered and bewildered, but that’s impossible. Why? Because I’ve never wrote lyrics before in my life!

So you may understand why when I say the San Francisco Giants have top notch starting pitching, that the word, discombobulated comes to mind, and especially when you recall with absolute certainty you just saw all the starters’ pictures on the back of a milk carton this morning just to the left of the Captain Crunch.

What you say, how can that be, I didn’t see you in the same check stand as me yesterday, did I? You didn’t that’s irrelevant though, because the point I was making was that the Giants starters might need a pitch count of 9. Then you think back to 2012 and the precision at which they dispatched the Reds, Cardinals, and Tigers. And then BAM, (Sorry Emeril) it hits you, didn’t they also win the World Series back in 2010?

Oh sure you say, these guys are really good, and you start to recite their names. Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, Barry Zito, and Ryan Vogelsong, and you say…Paul you homer your bias in your opinion, but yeah okay, you are right, gods among men in the world of baseball, Cooperstown calling, blah, blah, blah. Then you think, Paul is the master of stating the obvious, and that is when it hits you…well he used to be.

I am beside myself in disbelief too. I could have sworn that we had a starting rotation when the season began, mind you I have been thinking about going to rehab for some time now, but then I never took drugs so I ask myself, why? Anyway, how could a first class staff like that just disappear into thin air, okay even hot air?

I know, I know they are still there you say, all you have to do Paul is just look at the box scores and you’ll see each pitchers name right there, next to that little L in parentheses. And I say that is the crux of the problem, this must be the invasion we were told about. My god it’s the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” only the invasion started with one of the best pitching staffs in the majors.

None of the starters, with the exception of Bumgarner get past the 6th inning, and adding to the woes is the strain on the bullpen. Manager Bruce Boche had to send Brent Pill a good young hitter who was just brought up this week, back to Triple-A Fresno in exchange for Jean Machi, another pitcher, making that 13 pitchers now on the staff.

Addition by subtraction, more pitchers at the expense of what has kept the Giants close to the top so far this season namely, the hitters. I pray my abacus does not run out of beads (call me old fashion), but after another Tim Lincecum fiasco last night, I fear it will become antiquated much the same as “The Freak” himself has become.

I mean, the hitters have performed miraculous comeback after comeback this year. Often the lineup has found itself down by large deficits as soon as the 5th inning and all because of Cain, Lincecum, Zito and Vogelsong’s Jekyll and Hyde act on the mound. Generosity has become them as they have adopted a give till it hurts mentality. But miraculous comebacks cannot be depended upon, everyone knows the time of miracles has passed, Al Michaels has left hockey, and baseball for “Football Night in America” on NBC.

Want to talk discombobulating, the absence of defense for the team on its current road trip is truly mystifying. In the 5 games and 45 innings thus far on the trip, the Giants have committed 12 errors, while the pitching has given up 47 runs! Only a mad scientist would find this kind of formula one that could produce satisfactory results.

Dave I have reached my 700 words, and am afraid to leave any for next week, because I suspect there are more discombobulated aspects to come.


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  1. Good article Paul thanks for the shout out!

  2. Your welcome Dave. The Rangers are back at it again, and I share you feelings on the pitch count. I believe it to be somewhat irrelevant. Just winning is the bottom line, so if a pitcher can throw more, then I think he should. Besides many of these guys would love to finish a game when possible, they did in the old day’s too. Maybe it strengthened their arms, in any event it is an individual issue. Thanks for the feedback.

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