Bat Breakers – The Ice Breaker for Baseball Lovers

For at least the past ten years I’ve used baseball as an conversation starter many many times. A lot of my close friends or colleagues and I began our relationship arguing over Mets and Yankees games. It’s when someone doesn’t like baseball that I come to a complete standstill.

A few weeks ago someone told me “I don’t really follow sports.” My face went a paler shade of white than it already is and I responded, “Ok. I don’t know what to talk to you about anymore.”

I recently started a new job and still haven’t met everyone in the office. Yesterday someone overheard me talking about the Mets and joined in the conversation…he’s a Cardinals fan. I very nicely told him I didn’t like him. I’ve always fancied myself a people-person, but as I write these accounts I realize that maybe I’m not nearly as good at human interaction as I thought I was.

Today I formally introduced myself to said Cards fan before we engaged in another baseball debate (he was a 2012 MLB Fan Cave finalist. AWESOME!). We covered stats, team records, all-time greats, and favorite in-game moments. After thirty minutes, instead of ending the conversation, he (yes, he) and I began to list the most attractive players. Agreement all around that David Wright tops the list as he can compete both in appearance and personality. With that we circled back to the Mets and the soon-to-start game against the Cards.

Now, the Mets have just beaten the Cards to snap a 6 game losing streak. (Didn’t I tell you great things happen when these teams face up?) Yes, a six game losing streak is a lot. Yes, a 15-23 record is embarrassing  And yes, your best pitcher has a 1.44 ERA and only has 4 wins in 7 starts. But you know what? The Mets are only six games out of first in the NL East.  So maybe they suck, but clearly everyone else in the division is struggling too. It is, however, embarrassing that the Mets are only in 4th, not 5th, because of the Marlins. IF we don’t win the NL East, and let’s face it, we still have a shot, it’s okay. We have Captain America on our team. He can crush a HR and he’s not too bad to look at, either.

Another coworker just learned that I’ve never seen Star Wars. I defer to R.A. Dickey on all things related.


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