Saturday at Safeco

I went to the Mariners game on Saturday against the A’s. My goal is to make it to around ten Mariners game every season, until i have the money and time to buy season tickets. Saturdays game is the second one i have been to this season, and the second time i have seen the M’s lose. I was 4-2 at Safeco last season so this seasons 0-2 start for me is not looking very promising.

I got to the Stadium about an hour and a half before game time. I was their with my mom, dad, and uncle. I got the Tom Wilhelmsen train car, that they were giving away (which looks way bigger on television) and i went straight down to the Mariners bullpen to see if i could score some autographs.

Safeco field staff made everyone leave that was trying to, which is always irritating. I mean, do they really have nothing better to do, then to try to make sure people cant get autographs. I was one of only two teenagers there, and the rest were little kids who got sadly pushed away by the event staff.

I took my seat in right field and prepared for the game. I don’t really plan on dissecting the game much in this post, but more write about what i love and hate about going to the game. Lets get the negative out of the way first and say what i hated.

This may sound terrible, but for the most part, i don’t like other Mariner fans. Many of them are so causal they could really care less if the M’s win or lose as long as they have a nice day at the ballpark. I get wanting to have a nice day at Safeco, but at lease act like you care about the outcome of the game. I also hate how much praise casual M’s fans are willing to give the other team. It was in the sixth i believe, that Yoenis Cespedes robbed Kyle Seager of a home run. At the time we were down 4-2. Yes it was a great play, but at the time i was pissed. We had just lost a run! And everyone around me was going on and on about how great of a play it was. I don’t mind complimenting the other team if we have a commanding lead, but it irritates me if the game is close, or if were losing especially if it is against a division rival. I don’t think any Yankee fan would give a positive comment to any Red Sox player, regardless of the situation, so please M’s fans, please stop giving praise to the OPPOSING TEAM!

Another irritating thing is, those people who are always getting up, and making you move, so they can use the restroom or some other stupid thing. This is especially annoying if it’s in the middle of an at bat. I almost want to yell at them “Can you seriously not wait?” But enough with the negative, lets go to the positive.

I love the atmosphere of Safeco. There is not a bad seat in that ball park and you always feel close to the field. The park really does mix baseball tradition, with state of the art seating and comfort. The weather was fantastic, and the game was exciting. Seattle lost 4-3, but they almost made a rally in the 9th and it was a fun game to be at. And of course, sitting in right field, always makes you think you can catch a home run, even though the odds of that happening are very slim.

My next M’s game is on memorial day with my school. I’m already looking forward to it, and hopefully, i can finally see the Mariners win this season.


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  1. Good post! The best place to go before the game to get autographs is along the third base line, the closer to the dugout the better. I’ve seen lots of people get autographs there before games. I agree, too many Mariner fans are too casual and they do get up way too often — very distracting.

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