By Paul Mahaney

Today is Mother’s Day and as always we stop to give praise to our moms for all they do. A more important influence in any individual’s life is hard to find. That goes even for dads, although it should be stated that dad has his place too.

However mom, although considered the fair sex, can show her metal when push comes to shove, let’s face it when we are sick or hurt, or in need of defense from a school bully, its mom to the rescue! Women are gentle, loving, tolerant, and the backbone of most any family, and how those qualities bring a family through the tough times.

Mom may be a woman, but mom is as strong as they come when she has to be, but could a woman be strong enough to play at the big league level? Will a woman ever crack the Major Leagues and play baseball side by side with the men?

This question is asked every so often by those who remember that women did at one time play big league ball, but in “A League of their Own” and not alongside the men. In fact the women of that league were introduced to help take people’s attention off of World War II, and act as more of a diversion, rather than be considered real ball players.

Right or wrong, as far as the reasoning went, it was a successful league for a time, and conclusively proved, women could play the game. Women who follow the game certainly know the game and its inner workings as well as any man. And as we have seen from our youth when we play in little league games, girls can play the game just as well as the boy’s, even better than their counterparts in some cases.

Yet as girls grow older and become of college age they tend to enter into softball and away from the game of hardball, and are thus detoured away from Major League Baseball. And I wonder, is it because we feel that a female simply can no longer compete with a male at the game we all love?

True men and women do change physically, and it is accepted that men become stronger, but other individual attributes are not nearly as well defined. For example, women can still be quite fast individually, and where a shorter burst of speed is called for in baseball than in say, a marathon run, women might do quite well. And where is it said that defense is the exclusive property of men only in the field of play. Remember the women of the “Silver Bullets” I believe they played defense pretty well.

Likewise where men possess greater muscle than women the ability to turn quickly on a pitch is not exclusive to a man. Taking this into consideration a woman with the ability to see a certain pitch, and having a quick eye, could just as easily, as a man, learn to spray hit into any field with precision and practice, and move runners along. And it should be stated that Rod Carew made a fine living in the major leagues doing precisely the same thing.

Baseball may be old school when it comes to the idea that the big leagues have been about men playing a boy’s game, however the right women, given the proper amount of training and playing time could, I believe, be nothing short of competitive at the major league level.
Also if a woman were to develop a variety of pitches, say for example a repertoire of pitches which included a good knuckle ball, this could make her a major asset to any team, especially one of the bottom dwellers, who might also need better box office, and that would make her a big draw.

Imagine how this would go over with the women who love the game, and how she would be looked up to by young girls, and all of this is possible, possible if only?

The if here is how her male counterparts would welcome her into Major League Baseball, and just saying, but if she were attractive there would be a male following that could bring even greater attention to the fact that a woman could make it at that level.

It will take an owner with vision, like a Bill Veeck, Charlie Finley, or Branch Ricky, and a female counterpart like a Jackie Robinson. Visualize for the moment, the incredible possibilities, not to mention the money that could be made from such a well calculated venture with all the right people?

Doors would swing wide open; bias would take a back seat to new talent, and a real unifying of men and women on a field of play would put baseball in the forefront of all other major league sports. All I can say is, the seed has been planted, moms of the world unite and show your daughters, and Major League Baseball, the way home!


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  1. Oh how I would love to see a woman in a Giants uniform (or any team for that matter)someday. I love many of the points you make and believe a woman can play with the men, but just not possible for one to be a home run type power hitter though. But hey, neither was Duane Kuiper, so that would still be okay. Hope it comes to pass in my lifetime.

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