No-no around the corner for Harvey

Matt Harvey 2

By Lisa R. Neilson

There are lots of Mets fans walking around these days who are blue in the face. And it’s not due to first baseman Ike Davis’ lackluster start to the season. It’s because we’ve been holding our breath every time Matt Harvey takes the mound in hopes of the young ace’s first no-hitter.

With another outrageous outing Tuesday night against the Chicago White Sox—that makes two almost no-hitter performances in less than a month—it’s just a matter of time before Harvey hurls a no-no.

Harvey’s got the stuff to make it happen. This guy throws strikes:  of his 121 pitches Tuesday night, 76 were strikes; he threw 20 first-pitch strikes and ultimately totaled a career-high 12 strikeouts. Even a four-minute nosebleed that delayed the game (and continued during the first inning) didn’t fluster the 24 year-old righty. And with a very silent Mets offense that night, Harvey’s focus wasn’t to make the record books by tossing a near-perfect game but to simply keep his team in it as he faced a pretty threatening Chicago White Sox lineup.

With a performance like this one, many label Harvey as the best pitcher in baseball so far, trumping Texas Rangers Yu Darvish and Cardinals Jake Westbrook. Tweets abounded on Twitter after the game Tuesday of what Harvey had accomplished. Former Mets standout Doc Gooden, one of the most feared and dominant National League pitchers in the 1980s, called Harvey “The Real Deal.” Even WFAN radio show host Mike Francessa—a self-confessed non-Mets fan—is following Harvey. He has become a must-watch performer for baseball fans everywhere as we all anxiously await the history this pitcher will make.

That no-no—or even a perfect game—will happen. And I predict it will happen before the All-Star break. Mets fans will then be able to celebrate two no-hitters within a year.  That’s a level of excitement that’s long overdue!

So let’s go Mets fans: “Stand up for Harvey!” And get ready to exhale.


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