How Do You Build A Winner?

You have to give Mike Scioscia of the California Angels, and Don Mattingly of the L.A. Dodgers, credit. They convinced their teams to go for the gusto and create a winner, but just how do you build a winning team?


The Angels put up big money to get Albert Pujols, one of the premiere players in baseball. Pujols is out indefinitely with Plantar Fasciitis, a severe inflammation of his left foot.

Josh Hamilton the superior outfielder and dynamite hitter, is in a slump, he’s not hitting, and their ace pitcher and starter Jered Weaver is on the DL with a fractured elbow.


Looks like emulating the Yankees, and using their method of buying your talent isn’t the answer. The Yankees spent a lot of money in 2008 to win the Series in 2009. Sometimes you roll the dice and get a 7, and sometimes you roll the dice and get snake eyes. What is the Giants, World Series winners in 2010 and 2012 secret? Could it be pitching, defense, and young talent like Buster Posey?


This past weekend the Giants swept the Dodgers. The Dodgers Third Baseman Hanley Ramirez is on the DL with a pulled hamstring. Adrian Gonzalez, the best first baseman in the National League, has a sprained neck. I give him credit for at least pinch hitting and driving in 2 runs, but the Dodgers need his defensive skills too if they’re going to win games.


Matt Kemp, the best center fielder in the National League is in a slump, and the former Boston Red Sox Ace Josh Beckett, is not having a good season. The only Dodger holding his own is Crawford, at least his hitting has been strong.

So what builds a winning team? Fundamentals, a great manager, teamwork, luck and believing that you are. Go Giants!


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  1. The 2 Los Angeles teams in spite of all that money spent have had just terrible starts. Maybe it is all the injuries or just bad luck. However what Matt Kemp did on Sunday so spontaneously for that young man who has very little time left, demonstrates clearly that no matter how bad things are on the field, when a player acts that classy its good for everyone. Thank you Matt for being so human.

  2. I agree, and thank you Melinda for not pointing out my error in calling the classy Matt kemp Jeff!

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