Mariners finally on hot streak

After starting off the 2013 campaign so poorly, the M’s have finally started to step it up a bit, winning seven of their last ten, and winning 3 series in a row, against the Angels, the Orioles, and the Blue Jays. Their success has come from mostly from the top of the starting rotation, and by improving their batting.Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma both remain practically unhittable. Their respective ERA’s are 1.60 for King Felix, and 1.61 for Iwakuma which ranks them third and fourth in the AL. This dynamic duo at the start of the M’s rotation has been shutting down hitters all year, and they help get any series started right. It’s not often, that a team has two Cy Young candidates on the same team.

The other obvious reason for Seattle’s recent success has been their ability to step up their hitting. Dustin Ackley started the year with his average under .100 and now has it raised to .248 and he had a grand slam on Saturdays win against the Blue Jays.  Michael Saunders has returned from injury and has been doing extremely well, adding on three homers since his home run. And Kyle Seager is really becoming a very dependable guy in the M’s lineup, hitting .293 with four home runs.

The Mariners are starting to come alive just a little. They have improved their record to 15-18 and look to keep improving it as the May season rolls on.


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  1. Hisashi Iwakuma is now (finally) the second starter this team needed behind King Felix. Hopefully the Mariners will be able to continue providing some run support; with the Rangers in 1st and the Angels in 4th, the AL West figures to be a pretty wild ride all year. Let’s see if Seattle can hang in there!

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