History or Victories?


I am a Giants fan, so I didn’t have this dilemma when the new stadium was proposed. Candlestick, being Giants home for 40 years, was a pretty crappy place to watch a baseball game, and probably not to great to play in either. As I watch the back and fourth in Chicago I am torn between history and fixing an obvious issue with an out of date stadium.

             Lets be real, it’s not like Wrigley Field has the same aura as the old Yankee Stadium did: championships, success, domination. Wrigley field hasn’t seen a trophy since…..well, ever. They won in 1908, 6 years before Wrigley even opened. The trophy  was probably made out of wood.

            The reasoning behind their lack of success has now been put on the stadium itself. Out of date facilities, lack of funding through advertising, blah, blah, blah. Though I totally agree that the stadium is wwwwwaaaaayyyyyy out of date, let’s remember that 10 years ago they were mere outs away from a World Series. Sorry Bartman. I hope you are still rockin’ the turtle neck under the sweatshirt. Sweet look. Poor bastard.

            Is it really Wrigley Field? Is it really the facilities? Is it really the advertising space? Come on, we know it’s not the advertising space, they are just very aware of how bad the business is of NOT having an extra $20 million from signage. Stop saying money has anything to do with losing, you guys are billionaires. Give me a fricken break. In fact, only of the upgrades has anything to do with the players’ facilities, its all money for the owners: more night games, a new hotel, extended beer sales, various upgrades for fans – and a massive electronic video screen. A new clubhouse is great, but I don’t see a superstar signing with a team because his locker is cool.

            Let us not forget that your GM won multiple World Series in the oldest stadium in baseball, Fenway Park. Or for you New Englanders, Fenway Paaak. Aren’t their facilities old? Two years older to be exact. Yet he was able to bring two World Series victories through that out dated stadium. So what gives? He can’t create that magic in Chicago? You don’t think that players would love to live in an amazing city and bring the first championship to that organization in 105 years? Bull pucky.

This leads to the conspiracy theory. Just for the record, I don’t really believe this, but it sounds good and I guess I could see it, it is a business after all.

Here it is: they suck on purpose so they can get the $500 million upgrade to the facilities. If they don’t suck, will they be able to get the plan approved? Think about it.

I hope they get the upgrades. I hope they can update the stadium and not have to move it. I love the history of the park, even if it is unsuccessful history. It’s one of the few stadiums where you can go to a game and step back in time. I have not been lucky enough to go to Wrigley for a game, but I have been to Fenway. It’s amazing.

Good luck Cubbies. I hope your moves and motives are in the right place, and you guys will be able to win that elusive World Series. Love, #joeywestcoast



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