Man It’s Fantastic

By Geary Kaczorowski

d_ortizMan it’s fantastic to have all my favorite teams playing really good baseball. The Boston Red Sox are cruising along in first place in the ever difficult AL East sporting a nifty 5 game winning streak. My hometown Detroit Tigers are cruising along in first place in the AL Central sporting their own nifty 4 game winning streak.

Then I’ve got the Atlanta Braves holding down first place in the NL East, while the Pittsburgh Pirates are the leaders in the NL Central. And as if that wasn’t enough the Colorado Rockies are in first in the NL West.

Who could ask for more? All my favorite teams are first place teams at the moment so it seems that all the baseball planets have aligned for me. Will that hold true for the whole season? I seriously doubt it, but it would be amazingly great. A baseball lunatic can dream.

Even some of the teams I picked in my preseason predictions, that aren’t listed above, such as the San Francisco Giants, Kansas City Royals, and Milwaukee Brewers aren’t doing too badly themselves. As the first month of baseball wraps up tonight I’m feeling pretty good about this 2013 season.

The season is especially sweet right now due to the spectacular baseball the Red Sox are playing. They weren’t picked to be this kind of team this soon, but their pitching is baffling hitters and their hitters are pounding opposing pitching on a nightly basis, led by the amazing David Ortiz. Since his return from last year’s Achilles tendon injury he’s played in 9 games, knocked in 15 runs, and is smacking the crap out of the ball to the tune of a .514 BA. This has been a first month for him in complete opposition to his last two springs. Which is a great thing.

Since I still have the Celtics and Bruins working their way through the playoffs, as well as the Buzzard Bay Raider’s baseball season in full swing, I’ve got plenty of sports going on. I hope I don’t OD.


About mesh5

a life-long baseball fan that began, at the age of 54, to play organized baseball for the first time. i'm part of the cape cod over-35 league, playing second base and rightfield. i run my own web site development company as well as being the music director at wumd

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