The Curious Case of Evan Gattis

Evan Gattis

Evan Gattis plays for the Atlanta Braves and his rise in the MLB is truly unique. Most folks love an underdog story and Gattis’s story will not disappoint. He currently is hitting fourth in the Braves lineup, but his journey to that spot is one of a kind.

While growing up in Forney, Texas, Gattis was a local baseball star. He was expected to be drafted into the MLB directly out of high school. But that did not happen. Gattis had a problem with marijuana back in those days. He even reportedly entered a rehabilitation clinic after graduating from high school. Once sober he tried his hand at baseball once more. He played Junior College baseball in Oklahoma but after suffering an injury he left school. At this point, his baseball career seemed to be over.

Disappointed, Gattis floundered for several years. He moved several times and took many odd jobs to pay the bills. These jobs included pizza maker, janitor, and ski lift operator. Gattis was searching for some deeper meaning in this life, not sure how he got to point and unsure of where to go to next.

At the urging of a relative, Gattis gave baseball another try. He played Division II baseball and then made his way through the Atlanta Braves minor league system until 2012. Due to an injury of Braves starter Brian McCann, Gattis received a chance at the big leagues.
Like everything else in Gattis’s life, his batting swing is unconventional. But it seems to fit well with this season’s Braves lineup. We can all learn a lesson from Evan Gattis. Do not give up on your dreams. Let go of preconceived expectations and just do what you love to do. Take a leap of faith.

Further endearing Gattis to baseball fans, his twitter avatar is his old personnel badge from his janitor days in Texas. You can check out the page here: . Way to keep it real Evan. Do not ever forget where you came from. Best of luck to Evan Gattis for the rest of this season, no doubt his star is on the rise in Atlanta.


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