Plaque Build Up


The plaque at honoring Barry Bonds’ record breaking homerun has gone missing! What is funny is the first I heard of it was from a fan calling in to a radio show in the Bay Area. If it was such a big deal, why is a fan the one bringing it to our attention? Why wasn’t this a huge deal? And why were radio hosts speculating that the absence of the plaque was because the Giants were separating themselves from the MVP slugger?

            I love Damon Bruce. I think he is one of the greatest radio hosts in America right now. But his reaction to the caller’s news that the plaque was missing was basically that the Giants don’t need Barry anymore. They just won two of the last three World Series, so they don’t need the steroid-plagued all time homerun leader and 7 time MVP to draw people to the park.

This obviously raised a lot of questions for me. 

Will teams abandon former players who’s reputations are tainted because of potential steroid use? I say potential like we don’t all know Barry juiced. He will still be my favorite player of all time. He almost ruined baseball for me because he makes just about every other hitter look bush league. Man he was good. Like a video game. Anyways, would the Giants really separate themselves from him? It didn’t sound that crazy at the time.

Baseball as a whole has the Hall of Fame to deal with players with the steroid issues, but what about the teams? The Cardinals didn’t spite McGwire, the Yankees are still dealing with A-Rod so we wont know that outcome for a few years and about a hundred million dollars (good job Cashman). Will the Cubs ditch out Sosa? The Mariners and Brett Boone? The Rangers and their whole team in the late 90’s? How much “cheating” is too much?

I personally think these players need to be judged in the era they played in and not against the Mantles, Mays, and DiMaggios. Its not like the pitchers weren’t taking steroids also (Clemens, Gagne). If you took hitters today and had them go up against the pitchers 75 years ago it would be unfair, so why compare eras at all?

I hope the Giants find the plaque or make a new one. I really really hope that they didn’t remove it to create distance between the club and the former great. Hopefully there is some crazy fan sitting at home looking at a 756 plaque in his living room, basking in the glow. Love, #joeywestcoast  


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  1. Wow what can I say, and it is the park that Barry built! I know many will say Peter McGowan built, and while were at it Ralph Barbieri deserves some credit too. But Barry and his natural abilities BC (Before Conte, Victor Conte that is, circa 1998, or there abouts) were unquestionable. Let’s face it, when Barry came to San Francisco (McGowan too) the Giants fortunes truly turned around, for they were off to Tampa St Pete. Bye Bye Tropicana, hello West Coast, the new West Coast, namely AT&T Park, formally Pac Bell Park (the Belle of the Bay, loved that one better) at McCovey Cove. Barry gave the park splash hits galore, and plenty of historical moments for the long suffering Giant faithful from the Candlestick years. Remember the vendor with the frozen eyebrows gleefully shouting, “Ice cream, ice cream, get your cold ice cream here”, while the vendor roamed a frozen Candlestick Park with Giants fans freezing in howling winds while wearing parkas?That Giants commercial about earning a Croix de Candlestick pin for staying through extra inning games at “the stick” may have been funny, but it was factual as well, and when Barry came from Atlanta we didn’t mind it nearly as much.
    Now the plaque is gone, what the? Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle offered the theory that the Giants have yet to retire Barry’s number, could there be a feeling that the organization is ashamed of him?
    Anyway Joey, I agree this is a huge deal, and it should be repeated that the organization is replacing the plaque, as Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter has already pointed out.
    But in addition, your point about the players of the steroid era, and their accomplishments of that era, being seen, not in comparison with Mantles, Mays, and DiMaggio’s, I believe, is dead on correct.
    Barry was not alone, and he felt that after Mark and Sammy (not to mention a host of other players not to name names…Clemons) juicing up the year before he started to (never been proven), would eclipse anything he might accomplish naturally, by them doing it artificially. Cads!
    So of course, since Bud Selig (oh just mentioning that name) and the other owners sought to do nothing about it by pleading ignorance (Ah ignorance is bliss), Barry thought I better get on board with the rest of the players, and the league owners, or become a washed out star of the past. Basically shoot up, or play second fiddle to the new juiced up greats, who by the way could not hold a candle to him on the field! Now regards his personality and ego, well that’s another matter.
    But steroid use by them all, right or wrong, well that should be left to time and future baseball historians to debate, and that great book has yet to be written.
    Great article Joey!

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