The Week That Was

victims_honoredBy Geary Kaczorowski

This past week was one of the strangest weeks I’ve ever lived through. We’ll all remember the bombings at the Boston Marathon on April 15th, resulting in the deaths of Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi, and Krystle Campbell. The week also had the ensuing manhunt and killing of one alleged bomber and the capture of the other.

Because of the manhunt for the two suspects the week also brought the unfortunate death of an MIT Police Officer, Sean Collier, a car-jacking, a police chase, two shoot-outs with law enforcement, the first which killed one of the bombers, and the second that occurred when the other bomber was found hiding in a boat in a Watertown, MA backyard and captured.

As if that wasn’t enough, during those 5 days of tension and fear in the Boston Metropolitan area, it was discovered that the younger of the two bombers was a registered student at the campus where I worked, and one of the days I was on campus after the bombings, he was on campus too.Hopefully we’ll find out what drove these two maniacs to kill innocent people. Not that that’s going to make much difference. But it may just provide Boston with a sense of closure in this tragedy.

That closure will ensure that Boston can spend this spring and summer cheering on their sports teams. Both the Celtics and Bruins are in the playoffs, and the Red Sox are leading the AL East. Not too bad from a sports fans’ point of view.

These are springs that we as New Englanders had grown accustomed to. Except the last couple years have been tough ones for the Red Sox. This year though, they’ve been exceeding all expectations. Leading their division by a couple games, unless they lose tonight, and if the 12-0 score in Oakland’s favor is any indication which way that game is going…

They’re entitled to lose a few games. Maybe not by 12-0 scores all the time, but it’s baseball, you’re going to lose sometimes. But which is not something these Red Sox have been doing very much of. They’ve got the second best record in baseball, and they’ve just gotten one of their best hitters, David Ortiz, back. They’re sporting the best run differential in the Major Leagues, and their staff aces have been just that, staff aces.

Somehow, someway the Red Sox have been able to rally behind their new manager, John Farrell and put it all together in this young season. Will it continue? I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t. It’s not like anybody is playing above their abilities, most are playing like they’re expected to. This team has some really good players.

It’s exciting baseball coming out of Boston right now


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