Tip Our Caps to BOSTON

BDD_CSdone_10_25_07_bgjdBy Paul Mahaney
It has been a true week of misery for the good people of Boston, and not wanting to dwell on the tragic events of last Monday I only want to take a moment and wish its people nothing but the best in the weeks and months to come. God knows you deserve it, and we all hope the injured can move forward in their lives with support and love from a nation, and a people touched by your misfortune. A tip of the cap to all in the Boston area, your response to the events this week has been nothing short of inspiring.
Now trying to move forward I hope what follows will prove to be a nice diversion for a Sunday. We are nearly a month into the 2013 season; and just how are the teams doing.

  • Colorado Rockies—–     13-4 Walt Weiss and the Rocs are legitimate contenders, small lapse in San Fran.
  • Boston Red Sox——–   12-4 Playing well now that Bobby Valentine left town, morale for Fenway.
  • Atlanta Braves———-  13-4 Fantastic start but has been raided by Pirates looting, still a monster team.
  • Oakland A’s———— – 12-6 Stung by the Rays, but this team may be the sharks of the AL West.
  • Texas Rangers———-  11-6 Good yet again, but have been before, can last year be only a nightmare?
  • New York Yankees—–  10-6 Fading from glory, but not too quickly.
  • Baltimore Orioles——   10-7 Can fly high, although will not catch anyone napping this time.
  • Washington Nationals-  10-7 Playing alright, but one wonders if they are over last year’s finish.
  • San Francisco Giants—  11-7 Hangover from Milwaukee over, plus Timmy was better last night, nirvana!
  • Cincinnati Reds———  10-8 Improved from last year and is ravenous, amnesia of last year would help.
  • St. Louis Cardinals—–    10-7 Good and appears to be taking up where they left off, must be therapy.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates——  9-8 Erratic start but has youth, and hopefully gained from last year’s experience.
  • Arizona Diamondbacks  9-8 Gibson can manage pretty well and team is developing chemistry, no slouch.
  • Milwaukee Brewers—- 8-8 Seem to have found themselves against the Giants, so many do though.
  • New York Mets———  8-8 Okay impress us 500 play is a start, perhaps in the goodness of time.
  • Detroit Tigers———— 9-8 Took to drinking after last year’s World Series, but sobering up again.
  • Kansas City Royals—— 8-7 Always improving, fast, young, and inexperienced, oh that was last  year.
  • Minnesota Twins—–     7-7 Baby it is cold outside is the Twinky Dome still available?
  • Tampa Bay Rays——–  7-10 Typical slow start but it’s getting warm and they woke up against the A’s.
  • Seattle Mariners——    7-12 Started off well and then they discovered it was the regular season.
  • Philadelphia Phillies–     7-11 Haven’t been the same since the 2010 NL Championship loss to the Giants.
  • Los Angeles Angels—    6-10 Money, getting to be called L.A. and getting Albert, Josh and what happened?
  • Toronto Blue Jays—–    7-11 Got Reyes, lost Reyes, got Dickey, got taken, got no hope.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers-    7-10 Got money, got into a fight, lost Greinke, lost 6 straight…ouch!
  • Cleveland Indians—–    6-10 Terry Francona will need time with this bunch, also hope he’s still interested.
  • Chicago White Sox—-    7-10 The pale hose are the best … of Chicago teams.
  • Chicago Cubs———–   5-11 Oh come on they are the Cubs…gotta love em.
  • San Diego Padres——   5-12 New owners, same problems, not enough wins, but San Diego is nice.
  • Houston Astros———  5-12 Welcome to the AL West…and last place, but not last in all of baseball.
  • Miami Marlins———-   4-14 After the fire sale, well you know the rest.

Have a nice safe week everyone, be careful, and be watchful, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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