This Weekend is why M’s fans are tired of the Mariners

The city of Seattle is a great sports town, with a championship caliber team. But this team is not the Mariners. It’s the Seahawks. And like the past five years, the Mariners are making everybody in Seattle, angry at the fact that we even have a baseball team. This weekend was a huge disappointment to every M’s fan.

There is no need to read any of the stats of this weekend series against the Rangers except for the overall final score. 23-3. That is pathetic. And it has to change if the M’s even want to be a .500 team, forget about competing for wild card spots. 

You can use the excuse that it was the bottom three of the M’s starting rotation, but the fact of the matter is, they can allow those types of numbers, over any series of games, it’s embarrassing. And Seattle’s bats, cannot only score three total runs over a three game series. Absolutely intolerable. 

The Seattle Mariners need to step it up quick, before this season gets way out of their control.  



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