Boston Strong!

Fenway Park

Fenway Park

I was prepared to write about the Red Sox returning home this weekend and all the emotions that would surround that event. Even David Ortiz was set to return to the lineup this weekend, putting the icing on that cake in Boston.

But then last night the Boston bombing story took an even more sinister turn.  Thank goodness the Red Sox game has been cancelled for Friday evening so that all the people in the Boston can remain safe during such a fluid situation.

What I find most shocking about the events in Boston is the two suspects are athletes. The older brother was a boxer and the younger one was a wrestler. How in God’s name could athletes hurt other athletes? This is so shocking and disheartening to me. I have always thought of sports as a way of bringing people together, not tearing them apart.

All the people wanted to do was run or watch a marathon on Monday.  Maybe, just maybe once this story is over, I will gain some understanding of all the bad events that have happened in this week. Certainly, when baseball is resumed in Fenway Park it will be a very emotional game. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Boston area. Hey bad guys get the hell out of Boston!  BOSTON STRONG.


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  1. From a couple of NYC/NJ bloggers to you – Boston is strong as hell. Keep the faith. You have our prayers and thoughts.

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