Blunders and Bloopers

It’s been a rough week and I know I’m not the only writer at Baseball Revival, or any other publication, who’s having a difficult time writing. Our thoughts are constantly with the city and people of Boston. With all this tragedy I’ve had a tough time finding happy things to think about and I’m sure there are others feeling the same way. So with that, I want to bring you my favorite hilarious moments in the game of baseball. 

So far this season we’ve seen Miami pitcher Jose Fernandez struggle to put on his jacket Evan Longoria passed Ben Zobrist on the base path Other things have probably happened as well (feel free to leave others in the comments below! I need a good laugh!).

I’m the proud owner of the “MLB Bloopers” DVD and as my roommate so wonderfully put it, “I’ve never known a girl with sports bloopers DVDs. I also didn’t even know sports bloopers DVDs were a thing”. Yes, these DVDs do exist and I suggest you all purchase one. I break it out every few months or so and it never fails to make me smile. Let’s break down my favorite repeat bloopers.

Tripping over the bullpen mound while chasing a foul ball.

1)Why is this so common?

2)Why are some bullpens right along the foul line? And in newer stadiums?

My all time favorite bloopers are the ones committed by the grounds crew.  We’ve all seen them trying to pull out the tarp in a stressful situation. Maybe one of the most seen is the from a Marlins game in 1993.

I like this one because his acrobatics remind me of what I used to to at the kiddie gym. I did not look any more graceful. This is my favorite tarp blooper and not because it’s from a Mets game. It’s because Gary and Keith give the grounds crew so many compliments on their speedy and trouble-free tarp pull. “That was superb…They earned their money”, says Keith. They’re right, it was pretty smooth. Ya know, except for the human trapped underneath.

I hope these videos made you smile at least a little bit.


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