Wha’ Happen?

English: Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers outfielder.

English: Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers outfielder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Josh Hamilton. Not money poor, duh, sad poor. The dude has some serious demons and he took them to maybe the worst place in the world, Hell-A. I guess NY would have been worse because of the media, but LA is a close second. For a guy that is battling alcohol, drugs, females, and chew, you would think he would have gone a little more low profile, not the home of Guns N Roses, Vivid Video (porn for you saints out there), NWA, and Hollywood.

No one pays attention to Seattle, why didn’t he go there? They are two states away from anyone! They were obviously willing to pay huge dollars. They paid a cagillion dollars to a pitcher who gives up 3.21 per nine innings, which is 3.21 more runs than their offense can score. Zing!

I am making fun of the Hamilton situation, but really I think everyone needs to leave him alone and let him just be himself. When he is comfortable and well (whatever that means for him) he is one of the best players in baseball. When he is uncomfortable, I want him to call me because it seems like a rager with him for a few nights would be like The Hangover – Anaheim. Great times that I am sure we would never remember, but there would be pictures. Maybe Mike Tyson would hang with us too! #dreamcometrue

The media is so quick to jump up his butt for not producing the way his contract would lead you to believe he should. Are you really surprised? Did you really think that his struggles were going to go away? This is a guy that has a little bit of a history, just a lil bit (like De Niro). He was banned for THREE YEARS!!! A-Rod walks around with a needle in his butt and doesn’t get three years. Ryan Braun grows “juice” in his garden and doesn’t get three years! With that history and the way his season ended last year, what the F did you expect to happen?

Josh Hamilton needs a nurturing environment. That’s even funny sounding when I write it. I know he’s a big boy, I know he needs to handle the pressure and be a “man,” but what is your alternative? What will you get if you don’t adjust? You will get a .138 BA and .172 SLG for someone who is making $17 million dollars. That is exactly $17 million dollars more than he is worth at this very minute. Zing #2!

I like Josh Hamilton. It would be great if he could have left his demons behind him after the lengthy suspension and the mess in his head was just a distant memory, but it’s not. He has problems, and if the people in his own town don’t back off and be more supportive, he will never get better. You can even have a selfish twist to this, if he doesn’t get better, the Angels will have another disappointing season. Your huge payroll, your “win at all costs” bs, your “genius” Scioscia (I had to look that up, I’m not gonna lie, hard to spell), will all be smelling like doo-doo, just like last year, just like every year for the last 11. Give the dude some love LA. Love, Joey WestCoast.


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  1. Amen, joey. Great post. Josh was maybe the best pure baseball player to ever suit up in Texas, but his departure is definitely addition by subtraction for the ranger clubhouse.

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