The Yankees are off to a roaring start. MEOW!


It was a headline grabbing week for the Yanks, with Robinson Cano tossing agent Boras to the curb, and CC Sabathia saving us from a Detroit Tigers sweep.

I hope Robinson Cano is taking rap lessons, because getting a 25 million dollar contract from the Yankees is going to be tough. Somebody do the kid a favor and give him Pete Rose’s book, ‘CHARLIE HUSTLE’, because unless Robinson starts moving out of the box with some conviction, he’s not going to have a year that will keep him from being shipped to sunny California.


In Alex Rodriguez’s prime, from 1998 to 2003, he hit: 124,111,132,135,142 and 118 RBI’s. His home runs during the same time period were: 42,42,41,52,57 and 47. Jeff Kent of the SF Giants, from 1997 to 2002, hit: 121,128,101,125,106,and 108 RBI’s with 29,31,23,33,22 and 37 home runs.

By comparison, Robinson Cano, for the last 6 years has hit: 97,72,85,109,118 and 94 RBI’s and 19,14,25,29,28 and 33 home runs, not exactly big news. Robinson is outstanding defensively, no one is questioning that, but he’s going to have to perform to his potential if he wants the Yanks to ‘show him the money’.

With the Yankees at 2 and 4, and the Red Sox at 4 and 2, Red Sox manager John Farrell is looking like he’s building for the future with mostly fresh faces. He’s got youngsters, Will Middlebrooks at third base, tough as nails SOB Dustin Pedroia at second, Jose Iglesias (with a gun), and playing near perfect baseball at short stop, and Jackie Bradley Jr. in left field.


Around the league, the big ACES got rocked this weekend, proving twenty million plus contracts are no guarantee of success. The Phillies Cole Hamels, Matt Cain of the S.F. Giants, David Price of Tampa, Stephen Strasburg of the Nationals, and thankfully, Justin Verlander of Detroit, all came up with big losses. CC Sabathia wasn’t throwing any fire, but managed with the help of some good offensive hitting, to shut the mighty Verlander down.


I can’t deny Andy Pettitte a mention for his first win this year, with Mo getting the save. All we need now is the weather to get warm, so pitchers can feel the ball, and we’ll be buying peanuts and crackerjacks .


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  1. You’re RIGHT ON Ken. Nice blog!

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