The Braves Have Put HOT Back In Atlanta

It is springtime and opening week for MLB. Is this why everything surrounding Braves baseball feels fresh and new? Well, maybe. But hot dang! Baseball is back and the ATL is excited about it. For this lifelong Braves fan, I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about baseball in April. Maybe during the glory days in the ‘90s? It does not matter though. Because good times are back at the Ted.

Two huge additions to the Braves are the brothers Upton. B.J. and Justin Upton have already brought a new energy to the team just in their first week of play. How cool must it be for two brothers to play MLB on the same team? They are joining Jason Heyward in the outfield for the Braves. The play of B.J. Upton, in particular, seems to have magical qualities. To quote one of my friends, “He’s the gazelle in the OF.”  I can not wait to see what he can provide for the Braves this year.

In addition to these positives, Dan Uggla seems to be done with his struggles of last season. Brian McCann, who is playing in minor league recovery games, is set to return to the team in the next month.  This will solidify the Braves position to challenge the Nationals in the division.

During the off-season a locker was removed from the locker room that was known to the Braves players and fans as the “cursed locker.” The player that had this locker during the season was cursed with bad karma all season long. This was repeated year after year. Can all these positive vibes be from removing the dreaded cursed locker from the clubhouse? I am not sure if I believe all that. But if it is, then so be it.

Can the Braves compete with the Nationals this season? Take a step, look at the team objectively and read the statistics. This fan believes that the Braves can. It seems as though many of those missing pieces of past seasons are now in place for Atlanta. If will not be easy because the Nationals are such tough competitors. Nothing worth having comes easy. No matter the outcome of this season, I am so glad that baseball is back, Go Braves!

The Upton Brothers
The Upton Brothers

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  1. Great read. We’ll get to see how the Braves size up against the Nationals this week, although it’s a long season!

  2. Great article. Who would have thought that early in the season, the ace of the Braves staff would be Paul Maholm?!

  3. I am totally surprised by this early success & cannot wait to see how this seasons ends up.

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