Spreadsheets Spring Eternal – Waiver Wired 2013

Opening Day_2

Earlier this week, Opening Day graced us with its annual presence. Yea, yea, that’s old news – I get it – but year after year I am amazed that the sight is just as beautiful as the years that preceded it.  Sure, it’s just one game in a season of 162, but this one carries extra significance – it represents new beginnings.

The start of baseball season brings about an excitement in me that even a childhood Christmas morning pales in comparison to. It’s a feeling that captures childhood innocence, a catch in the backyard with your Dad, and the first play at the plate of the year, and rolls into one giant ballpark pretzel, found at the concession stand just southwest of home plate at Wrigley Field.

More recently, it has brought about additional excitement for me, as I get to dust off the spreadsheets and draft this year’s (hopeful) fantasy baseball champions.  Last year, I started a Thursday column here at Baseball Revival, which focused on helping those that spend so much of their time surfing and searching the waiver wire, looking for that extra steal or save.

Steering clear of the obvious pickups –like Kyle Lohse, who I was luckily able to grab this week in an NL only league as we drafted before his contract was finalized with the Brewers – I try to find value in players on the waiver wire that are owned in less than 50% of leagues. As all of my leagues are run by ESPN, I use their “% Owned” numbers.

In the marathon that is the MLB season, we know some of our beloved early round picks are bound to (gasp!) spend some time on the disabled list. The key, in these cases, is to have a plan in place to fill that slot with at least a portion of the production your now disabled all-star would have normally provided there.

That is where I come in. I hope my time spent surfing the wire and providing you with some insights and tips can give you a leg up in your fantasy leagues.

Since it is so early in the season, and thus way too early to panic (I have to keep telling myself that), I don’t think you should abandon hope on any of your guys yet. Well, maybe with the exception of those closers that start with “C” and end with “arlos Marmol”, but we’ll tackle that issue next week.

Happy baseball to all of you!

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