Selfish But Accurate(?) Speculations

Ahhh predictions. I love making predictions. I get to obnoxiously argue why the underdogs will make a run for the title while hiding myself from the truth — that I’m terribly wrong. My more general predictions are usually inaccurate, but due to my psychic-gift (I’m not actually a psychic though I have convinced people on many occasions that I do possess powers) my specific predictions (“the next pitch will be a ground ball to SS for an inning ending double play” or “he’ll be safe at first on the error and end up scoring the winning run from third on a sac fly to right-center”) are usually spot on. I’m not prepared to make any specific guesses yet, but I’ll dabble in the general predictions world.  When the season ends, feel free to laugh in my face, or congratulate me with snorkeling goggles and a lifetime supply of champagne.


Selfish predictions:

HR Derby Champ: David Wright.  (With the derby at Citi this year, David better be involved. Not dealing with another Billy Butler-like story from last year.)

All-Star Game Winner: NL

AL East, Central, West, WC(2): Orioles, Tigers, Angels, Red Sox/White Sox

NL East, Central, West, WC(2): Mets, Cubs, Padres, Rockies/Nationals

ALDS Champs: Orioles, White Sox

NLDS Champs: Mets, Nationals

ALCS Champ: Orioles

NLCS Champ: Mets

World Series Champs: Mets (Yes, I’m planning for a 1969 repeat.)

Legitimate Predictions:

HR Derby Champ: Prince Fielder

All-Star Game Winner: NL

AL East, Central, West, WC(2): Orioles, Tigers, Rangers, Blue Jays/Angels

NL East, Central, West, WC(2): Nationals, Cardinals, Dodgers, Phillies/Pirates

ALDS Champs: Orioles, Rangers

NLDS Champs: Nationals, Pirates

ALCS Champ: Rangers

NLCS Champ: Nationals

World Series Champs: Nationals

McCutchen will do big things for the Pirates again this year and will be in the race for the batting title. If the rest of the team steps up as well, I think they have a nice shot at a playoff run (and their first since 1992).

As usual, the Mets are New York’s other team and while there is no lack of heart with them, there seems to be an ever present lack of large numbers in the W column come September. While a playoff berth would be great, most Mets fans just want a season that tops the Yankees. And maybe a game that ends without Castillo dropping a routine popup… (Yeah, I’m aware that’s pretty easy seeing as he’s no longer a Met. But it is forever engraved in my mind…)

The Blue Jays. Are we going to see a whole new team this year? Dickey, Reyes, Cabrera, Bonifacio, Buehrle, and a lot of other people, mostly former Marlins (I’m probably the first person to mention this) were added this off season. I think with the already talented players from 2012 plus the new additions the Jays will have a great shot at a playoff spot. (Also, sending Josh Thole down on opening day and making Blanco the starting catcher? Wow. Low blow. But love “Hank White”, as the Mets called him.)

The Houston Astros.  I don’t know if their move to the AL will help at all, but I hope that’s the change they needed (along with acquiring some pretty bomb players this winter). I don’t know much about the Astros. That’s my goal for the season – to learn more about the Astros. You can quiz me in October.

Orioles – not too many changes coming into spring as far as trades and acquisitions, but with last year’s overwhelming success, I’m confident they can repeat. Plus, this marks Manny Machado’s first (hopefully) full big league season and the return of Brian Roberts. I won’t be surprised if the O’s pull off 95+ wins.

Nationals – As much as we all love to hate on Bryce Harper, he’s a phenom. Second pitch, first at bat HR? HR second at bat? I’ll take it. Losing Morse is a low blow, but LaRoche will definitely come through at first base.

You may have noticed that I did not include SF Giants anywhere. I’m bitter – 2 championships in 3 years? You’ll have to excuse my selfish decision to leave them off my list.  Also, I genuinely don’t think they’ll make a run for it this season.

(I promise my next post will have more pictures. I’m still learning this whole WordPress thing. Apparently it’s more advanced (i.e. confusing) than Blogspot.)


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  1. I enjoyed how you set this up. I must admit though I had to laugh when I saw the Mets repeatedly in your ‘selfish predictions.’ David Wright derby champ and Mets WS champions? I guess it’s always good to dream.

    By the way, thanks for plugging the Phillies to squeeze into the playoffs in your ‘legitimate predictions’. Although if Hamels and Halladay can’t get their acts together we won’t even be close.

  2. Phillies? what.. no.. what will happen will be the fire sale involving the Phils. First of all Chase will not be re-upped. His hip and his swing hasn’t recovered and likely never will. Also Doc will not recover the five mph he has lost on his fastball. The phils are saved only by how terrible to Marlins and Mets will be.. not even close. Aging and over paid baseball team.. National league version of the Yankees. Cliff Lee will fetch three good prospects..

  3. I agree with some of that, but to say Utley’s hip and swing won’t recover is a bit premature, especially considering his fiery start. Last year I would’ve agreed with that statement, but too early to tell right now. Doc is extremely concerning as a Phillies fan. You’re right. His fastball probably won’t recover and when you couple that with Hamels’ lack of performance and a terrible pen, it’s obvious it’s going to be a long season.

  4. The loss of speed on Halladay’s fastball is insignificant compared to the loss of control. After two starts (and an equal number of losses) Halladay has a 14.73 ERA. Of course, that has potential to come down, but that’s over only 7 1/3+ innings. Revere’s weak arm in the outfield might be the biggest problem in the long term. Even as a Mets fan, I haven’t lost hope for the Phillies or Doc.

  5. Nice post! Can’t agree with you on the Orioles pick though. Look at their run differential and winning % in 1-run games from a year ago and I don’t see how you can’t predict major regression. Division is still loaded, and the O’s simply don’t have the pitching. Their rotation is ugly and Jim Johnson is already coming back to Earth.

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