By Paul Mahaney

8078573011_7360591773_zCity hall to Coit Tower, from the Ferry Building to Market Street all of San Francisco was in the color of orange as the entire city was in a mood to party.

When it comes to celebrations we commemorate quite a few events in our lifetime. Think of all those happy moments that give cause to party, like weddings, birthdays, graduations, and holidays. We circle the dates and plan accordingly for the joyous occasion, and then the revelry begins.

But when it comes to the jubilation following your favorite teams absolute accomplishment of becoming the World Champions of the baseball world, well you just cannot plan for that unless of course you’re the Yankees of the past, or perhaps the current Los Angeles Dodgers. Yes money can buy happiness, then again, maybe not.san_francisco_DL_20130115_DSC5805

At the outset of any season there is spring training, and off season transactions that offer all manner of suggestions that a certain team might win it all. Thus the prognosticators begin in earnest etching in stone what team will be holding the trophy high in October, or is it in November these days? And if that is what will happen, why play the games? Fortunately there is a regular season, and all the teams do play even those not preordained to win it all.

In any event if only it were so simple, I mean after all we all make predictions, but what are the consequences for any of us if we get it wrong? Just for the record this is something I tend to do with great regularity, and I love my Giants, but I never considered them for the series last year, say nothing of making the playoffs because there were far too many early season concerns.

102912-ak352Imagine the out of body experience all Giants fans went through after the remarkable finish the team had first overcoming the Dodgers for the division, and then the even more remarkable back from the dead comebacks over Cincinnati, and then St. Louis before dispatching Detroit. For the media that is it, end of story, and let’s go home especially since San Francisco is not from the East and had no business winning.

But they did and the parade, euphoric celebrations, and city adulation was never really seen, except here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s the same all over though as one team wins it all, the rest of the country is left out. Nevertheless there are Giants fans in New York, and all around the country for that matter, and a season is not ever truly over until the fans hail the conquering heroes.

Those die-hard Giants fans deserve to see the bedlam as much as those of us here in the San Francisco Bay Area. If only that were so for every team and its fans who ever won a world championship, no matter where they might be in this country, then everyone could celebrate what had to be one of the most wonderfully insane accomplishments in World Series history. Okay time to officially close the book on the 2012 season, and declare it open season 2013! No wait a minute, maybe that didn’t come out right.photo6


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