San Jose A’s @ A Snail’s Pace

Here we are, four years into Bud Selig’s Blue Ribbon Panel, and not even close to a resolution.           Image

I thought blue ribbons were good? It must be handicapped blue.

Am I biased? Absolutely. Am I from San Jose? Absolutely. I am also a die hard Giants fan. What am I more you ask? A San Jose fan. I love my city, my huge city, my wealthy city, my baseball hungry city. We need a team. We deserve a team. Bud Selig is dragging his wiener in the dirt along with his all star panel that couldn’t decide their way out of their pants. I cant imagine what going to dinner with these guys must be like. “ I would like the…….uh………..uh……….uh.”

San Jose is not the most unified city. Its large, its sprawling, we have every ethnic and socio-economic group you could imagine, but the idea of a baseball team brought everyone together. Do I mean 100%? Heck no. What I do mean is nearly all the politicians see the big picture, see what a baseball team could do for the downtown area in the 3rd largest city in California. We have plans, land, support, money, more money, and the passion to get this done.

(The roll of the “rooster” blocker in this production will be played by the San Francisco Giants.)

Back in the early 90’s the Giants were very close to moving to Tampa (a butthole of a baseball market). Who saved them? The A’s. Moving a historical team like the Giants for a historical city like SF to Tampa is bad for the Bay Area and it’s bad for baseball. Walter Haas, the A’s owner at the time, knew that. The Giants came to him and asked for territorial rights so they could secure funding to build a new park in San Francisco and keep the team where it belonged. He did. The reason the Giants are still here is because of the A’s. A bajillion (technical math term) sell outs and two championships later, the Giants are slapping the hand of the team that helped them when they needed them, when baseball needed them. Shame on you Giants.

I understand the financial implications of the A’s moving to San Jose, but the only place that takes the “territory” in to account is on paper. There are A’s fans in San Francisco and there are Giants fans in Oakland. The Giants are two time World Series champs, virtual locks for a sellout in the most beautiful park in baseball, and the A’s are the Moneyball team that has attendance numbers like a girls JV basketball team.

Investors are going to stay with the Giants until the A’s put a consistent product on the field. Money is an issue, but the Giants make it sound like it will suck up all of it. They are still in an amazing ballpark in an amazing city in the Silicon Valley, money will not be that big of an issue.

The A’s deserve to move. San Jose deserves a team. Bud Selig needs to get some balls and actually make a decision, or facilitate the discussion so the teams can work out the financial terms of the relocation. It’s been FOUR MF’ING YEARS and this is infuriating for a San Jose fan. For the sport, for the Bay Area, please Giants, let someone else get some action. Love, #JoeyWestCoast.


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