Sun sets on Santana’s season but Mets fans still hopeful


By Lisa R. Neilson

It ended before it even began. There would be no easing back into the New York rotation this spring, nor an Opening Day appearance, and certainly no no-no’s. A potentially season-ending injury has placed the Mets ace Johan Santana on the disabled list before the first pitch of the 2013 MLB season was even thrown.

When General Manager Sandy Alderson delivered the bad news last week that the 34 year-old lefty has apparently torn his left shoulder capsule for the second time in three years, Mets fans wondered if they should already throw in the towel, too. But this is spring, right? And diehard Mets fans aren’t about to step out of the competition already.

The Amazins’ 2012 season was certainly filled with a lot of unexpecteds:  Dillon Gee’s artery clot in his right shoulder that shut down the starting pitcher in the second half; an abysmal performance by the so-called upgraded Mets’ Bullpen which resulted in the lowest ERA (4.67) in all of MLB; and a disappointing 4th place finish that was the outcome of a post-All Star Break unraveling.

But there were a number of bright spots, too, including the franchise’s first no-hitter on June 1 and R.A. Dickey’s 20 wins that helped land him the NL Cy Young Award and the first knuckleballer to do so.

These are the bright spots we Mets fans have come to look for. They’re what keep us tuned in game after game, season after season. So despite the disappointing absence of Johan Santana on the score card this week, true Mets fans still start MLB 2013 with some hope—hope that the unexpected will show up again, this time, perhaps, in the form of a magical finish for this young, semi-talented team.

If you’re a devoted Mets fan like me, there’s only one thing to do as baseball returns—you gotta believe!


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