Opening Day must be Spring


By Paul Mahaney

It is opening day and all the familiar sights, sounds, and smells of baseball are in the air. No doubt if you have ever been to a ballpark your memory of the experience will conjure up quite the ideological picture.

If you arrived early you not only heard the sounds of someone yelling, “Programs get your programs here” you also may recall the repeated sound of a bat meeting a ball echoing throughout the concourse, as batting practice was taking place.

In addition you might well remember hearing mitts popping from the sound of baseballs thrown by players warming up, that over the buzz of the crowd arriving at the stadium. Your eyes will have been drawn down to the emerald colored playing field coming into view upon exiting the shadows of the concourse, all the while looking for your seat.

There was your nose inciting the saliva glands with the aroma of popcorn, hot dogs, and all manner of barbecued meats. And then there is the smell of freshly cut grass reminding you that this is all things baseball.

Welcome to the 2013 season! A new year with renewed hope is upon us, and hopefully your favorite team is bathed in the warm glow of afternoon sunshine, or the magical feeling that will sweep over you at a game under the lights. Either way for over a century this has been the way spring has been ushered in for America since 1869.

Some would have you believe that responsibility belongs to the groundhog, but if you thought that, you obviously were as misinformed as he was, especially this year. However spring, the real spring, has arrived and no matter whom your favorite baseball team might be every team is equal to the task of becoming world champions starting today.

And if you are old enough to remember Sidd Finch and the New York Mets of the 1985 season I just wanted to say that the above sentiments are genuine, and not an April fool joke like the greatest pitcher (Mr. Siddhartha Finch) who never pitched.


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